Most Requested Summer Manicure

May 29, 2023

Natural look @OVERGLOWEDIT, Instagram

This summer the biggest nail trends take a shift from last year’s bright and loud nail designs to lighter, natural, and polished looks. One big trend right now that has taken over the internet is the “glazed donut” nail, which Haily Beiber has been sporting. The nail design is created by rubbing a chrome powder over a neutral gel lacquer base to achieve a wet-metallic finish, and voila you have a glazed nail. The trend expanded beyond the baked bread colors as many applied this technique over the favorite nail colors.
The natural nail look or “my nails but better” is on-trend right now as subtle nails have become more popular. This look is basically your natural nail, but enhanced with polish to achieve a softer finish. This look can go short or long and have a french manicure look with an added milky overlay to cast a more neutral and subtle effect, mimicking your natural nail color.