As the CEO and founder of Honor Society magazine, I have built a product where I can showcase fashion trends and present many talented individuals of various expertise.

Honor Society’s name is inspired by the recognition of excellence among peers and is a magazine dedicated to intelligent and talented individuals of different cultures who share a love of fashion and the arts. The magazine features editorials of current events and the latest on style, fashion, and entertainment.

The ethos of the magazine is to create a collective of creative talents such as directors, actors, photographers, videographers, painters, designers, models, musicians, travelers, athletes, and hobbyists, with a passion for design and fashion. Our magazine’s issues are dedicated to those individuals.

It is our hope that Honor Society grows to become a platform of expression for all creatives. Every month, the magazine includes the best writers and photographers to communicate important issues and take the cultural pulse.

The success of my magazine was led by the support of The Royals, The Clintons, The Romneys, The Marriotts, Pope Francis, President Russell M. Nelson, and Elder M. Russell Ballard, who helped commission the magazine to greatness.

CEO, Honor Society Magazine