Best Lipsticks of 2023

Nov 10, 2023

  1. Bold and Festive Reds: Classic red lipstick is always in style during the holidays. Opt for rich, velvety reds with undertones that complement your skin tone, whether it’s a deep crimson, cherry red, or a vibrant scarlet. Matte and satin finishes will be popular for that extra allure.
  2. Glitter and Metallic Accents: Embrace the holiday spirit with glitter and metallic lipsticks. Sparkling golds, silvers, and even holographic shades can add a dazzling touch to your makeup. These lipsticks can be worn alone or as toppers to create a festive shimmer.
  3. Dark and Dramatic Hues: Deep, sultry shades like plum, burgundy, and dark berry are perfect for creating a moody, dramatic look. Pair these bold lip colors with a neutral eye makeup for a striking contrast.
  4. Festive Nudes: Nude lipsticks with a hint of shimmer or gloss can offer an elegant yet understated look for holiday gatherings. Look for shades with warm undertones that complement your skin tone.
  5. Lip Art and Metallic Details: Get creative with lip art by incorporating metallic accents, such as metallic lip liners, foils, or geometric designs. This trend allows for artistic expression and can make your lips a focal point.
  6. Velvet and Velour Finishes: Velvet and velour finishes will continue to be in vogue, offering a luxurious, soft look to your lips that’s perfect for cozy holiday evenings.

Whether you prefer a classic red lip, a touch of sparkle, or daring dark hues, these lipstick trends for the 2023 holiday season will help you create captivating and memorable makeup looks for festive celebrations.